Tristate Network Support by netseam - Professional computer network design, support, and consulting.

We have worked with netseam for over fifteen years and have been very pleased with the performance. Eric is highly skilled and qualified to address a wide variety of IT needs. We appreciate his work ethic and the positive results we’ve experienced.
Kent Waide, Ruby Concrete Company
and Advantage Kentucky Alliance

As a small, startup business we were not in a position to hire a full-time IT person for many years. As a result, we made use of contracted IT services. Eric with netseam began helping our company early on and at a particularly difficult time. Our first try at using contracted IT services resulted in a less than ideal situation that could have cost us dearly. Eric was brought in and was able to quickly resolve issues and improve upon a variety of IT systems.

As a growing business, our IT needs spanned across a broad range of specialties including network management, website development, office applications, phone systems and most everything in between. For well over a decade, Eric either directly worked on our systems or served as the point person to manage specific IT solutions. By trusting him to address our IT needs, we were able to shift our efforts on improving and growing our business.

Our best vote of confidence can be expressed in the fact that once the size of our business was sufficient to do so, we attempted to hire him as our full-time corporate manager on a number of occasions.
Scott Basham, 911 Billing Services & Consultant
and Commonwealth Safety, Inc

netseam (My 5 star review):

I have been a client of netseam for more than 15 years. After years of working for two major large medical practice groups, as well as several private practice offices in Kentucky, I established a new small business providing medical credentialing support for numerous provider types over several Kentucky counties. Obviously, my experience was not in IT so I needed assistance on the IT build, set up, ongoing maintenance, and support. Eric and netseam was an obvious choice for me. I knew first hand of the IT expertise, experience, honesty, integrity and the work ethic behind netseam. Once my system was in place, I was assured netseam would be there for my ongoing IT needs. In 15 years, I was never disappointed.

My business grew quickly and I credit netseam / Eric for helping me to grow my business by providing unlimited support timely and efficiently allowing me to concentrate on what I did best. No matter how large or small the need, he was there for me (in person or remotely) promptly and efficiently to keep my office system functioning at top level. Like all large and small businesses, the need to feel you always have IT support is very important. Eric always had my back. Thank you Eric for your attention to detail and helping my business grow and become the success it was.

Today, I am retired and enjoy my continued IT support with netseam.
Bonnie Roy, Medical Credentialing

My company had an urgent situation with a down Windows server and our employees could not process any quotes or invoices. We needed a local IT expert with enough experience that could assess the situation and get us back up and running ASAP. I contacted netseam. The technician determined that our server had a failed RAID array, and was able to get the faulty part replaced quickly. Within short order, we were back up and running. After that initial incident, we have used netseam's local IT staff for other needs, like updating our security firewall for peace of mind. I continue to keep netseam's contact information handy in case of emergency. Their knowledgeable and courteous staff has always been quick to help resolve any issue.
Marc Erickson, Kerco, Inc.